Friday, April 20, 2012

Tyrese Talks About "Sexy" Singing

''You've Never Had Good Sex''

Tyrese Talks About "Sexy" Singing
Tyrese is nothing if not opinionated. The R&B crooner shared his opinion on the current state of popular music in a recent interview with DEFY magazine. The singer says that no one sings with sincerity anymore and even sex songs aren't all that sexy.
"What’s lacking in music these days is the conviction. I don’t believe you. Why are you singing about sex when you don’t even know what good sex is?" Tyrese says. "You’ve never had good sex. You have to be able to sing about it and come from that real place. People think you can take some sexual lyrics and get up on the mic and have a good voice and that’s it, but there’s going to be a disconnect."
"I think people are convinced that I know about love, and I know about relationships and the challenges, and I sing about the things that are real to me," he added. "People connect to it because it’s real and that’s why it works."

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